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Support Services


Space Propulsion - Support Services

Hot firing & test facility engineering, ground equipment, propellant supply, propulsion system test, launch support.


The breadth of our commitment and involvement in space propulsion extends to a vast range of services and associated expertise in support of spacecraft and launcher propulsion. These services are used extensively at our own facilities and especially to support our customers according to their requirements. Our range of services include:



The support team comprise highly qualified engineers and technicians in the fields of propulsion, systems engineering, design, electrical and mechanical engineering and chemistry. The team not only supports ArianeGroup projects, but also a diverse range of external customer projects. The knowledge gathered and applied for over 30 years enables our customers to profit from a considerable wealth of experience and know-how.



Test facility design, engineering, operation and maintenance 

Our test facility service ranges from small thruster to large rocket engine covering both earth storable and cryogenic propellants. We also produce larger rigs and test stands for complete propulsion systems.


Temperature profile of ALM thruster under hot fire test.
Thruster Test Facility
Design, Engineering and Operation
Rocket engine test.
Rocket Engine Test Facility
Design, Engineering and Operation



Vega upper stage test facility.
Vega Upper Stage Test Facility
ATV propulsion test facility.
ATV Propulsion Test Facility


Hot-Fire Testing

The test facilities at Lampoldshausen is the European site for rocket engine hot fire testing and environmental system tests. Tests can be carried out in vacuum and sea-level test conditions at both component thruster level, or complete upper stage systems level.


Hot fire testing of 200 N thruster.
Hot Fire Vacuum Testing
of 200 N thruster
Hot fire testing of the Ariane 5 bipropellant upper stage.
Hot Fire Testing of Ariane 5
Bipropellant Upper Stage


Spacecraft Fueling and Launch Support

Since 1972, the Lampoldshausen specialists have been providing spacecraft launch support services, with 100% success at major international launch sites.


Our team permanently participates in safety training and health checks. With the support of back-up staff, we can ensure a maximum of reliability and safety for all spacecraft loading activities.


Loading of spacecraft propellants.
Spacecraft Fuelling World-Wide
Satellite propellant loading.
Spacecraft Fuelling


Propellant Supply

Being responsible for the management, maintenance and operations of a number of test facilities and test stands, an important aspect of this responsibility is the preparation, treatment, containment, movement, handling and transfer of propellants under highly controlled and safe conditions. We ship propellants to our customer facilities where dedicated members of our team manage every aspect of spacecraft fuelling operations and launch support.


Transport containers have capacities ranging from 250 to 4000 litres. All containers comply with European safety standards. In addition to the delivery of propellants, we also supply propellant transport containers as stand alone items to our customers.


Propellant transport containers.
Propellant Transport Containers
Rocket propellant supply and delivery.
Propellant Handling, Supply & Delivery


Having a wide range of stationary and mobile equipment available, our operational team can react with high flexibility to customer needs.


Our services have proven vital for the successful development and qualification of such projects as the Aestus and Vinci rocket engines, ESA's Automated Transfer Vehicle propulsion system and the  complete upper stage of the Vega small launcher.


Our propulsion testing and supporting services enables both ourselves and our customers to secure complete project control, autonomy and confidence.


Space propulsion services.
Hydrazine Thrusters
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